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Meet the Pack


Corrie Wolfe


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Corrie is the mastermind behind Howlin' Dyes.  She started it when her love of tie-dye started to out grow her closet. Corrie tie-dyes every single item by hand. Her artistic style and skill are constantly evolving, providing Howlin' Dyes a unique collection of tie-dye art.


Mr Watson


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Watson is the unofficial mascot of Howlin' Dyes. He helps out with marketing and security at Play Faire Park. His nose knows, so don't think you can fool him. Please, don't feed Mr Watson. Follow his shenanigans on Instagram #WatsonWatch

Howlin' News

Abilene Wide Open: Rhino Bash Benefits Endangered Species

April 09, 2018

It wasn’t Africa-warm, but the evening did start out pleasant enough. But after the first hour into the Rhino Bash at Play Faire Park, winter seemed to return as the weekend’s cold front moved in.

Still, that didn’t stop Corrie Wolfe from showing folks how to make tie-dye rhinoceroses. Everyone bundled up and kept at it....

Wide Open: New Shop in Abilene is Tie-Dye For

November 27, 2017

Why tie-dye?

“Why not?” replied Corrie Wolfe. “I like the way it affects other people. You walk up and people smile, it just puts them in a good mood"...

Local Mini Golf Course Seeks a 70th Year Kick-Start

February 04, 2017

We live in times when lines are blurred.

So, is a business asking for money to expand and update crossing a line?

Before you start thinking of a Development Corporation of Abilene scenario, it's a miniature golf course we're talking about today...

Whole In One: Miniature Golf Park Meets Ambitious Goal

March 01, 2017

Better than colorful golf balls rolling into holes is that Play Faire Park on Wednesday now is rolling in the dough.

The local miniature golf course and entertainment venue was successful in its Kickstarter online fund-raising effort, totaling $36,720 by Tuesday's midnight deadline. The announced goal was $35,000...

Greg Jaklewicz: Corrie Wolfe's Fashion is to Dye For

October 20, 2016

Corrie Wolfe is creating T-shirts to tie-dye for.

And skull caps, bandannas, pants, robes, socks, hoodies, scarves ... well, if you want it tie-dyed, just ask...

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