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If you're looking for a unique piece that expresses your personality and style, try our Custom Tie-Dye service. Our expert team provides personalized designs with the colors you love, and we're always open to new ideas to push the boundaries of creativity. We aren't satisfied until we've achieved the exact look you're going for. Challenge us to create something special just for you!

Shop in person! Find Howlin' Dyes at these locations.


226 Kirkwood, Suite C

Abilene, TX 79603

TUES 3-6PM | WED - SAT 4-7PM

or by Appointment


701 S Leggett Dr

Abilene, TX 79605

Independent Vinyl Music Store and so much more. 


701 S Leggett Dr

Abilene, TX 79605

Fabulous hair services.


Art Walk, Downtown Abilene

*2nd Thursday every month*

Check Calendar for events.

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