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Howlin' Dyes Studio

Howlin' Dyes Studio finally became a reality in November of 2018. Before our major upgrade, the tie-dye magic was created at home, in a spare bedroom and bathroom. We ditched the bathtub for larger and more public space. Now we can host small parties, show off our big tapestries, and provide a safe climate controlled space for the tie-dye addicts. 


The Studio has three magical rooms...


First is the show room, where you can shop or just sit back and relax on a pretty groovy couch. We have enough room and furniture to comfortably seat a group of 10. Please, no more than 12 guests at a time. Small children are welcome, but must have adult supervision at all times. Our studio is also home to several glass aquariums and breakable objects. 


The second room is where YOU create! Bring your own garment to dye or shop among our wall of whites. We'll show you how to create the tie-dye of your dreams! No design is off limits at the studio. If you have the patience to learn, we'll teach you! 


The third back room is where we keep the heavy duty equipment... It's the most magical room, but for our eyes only! Can't give all our secrets away. 


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