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Tie-Dye DIY

DYE it Yourself!

DiY @ the Studio


At the studio, we'll show you the advanced techniques and tricks  of tie-dye. We have a variety of blank items available to dye, or you can Bring Your Own Tee to tie up and dye for $10. We will help you create a the tie-dye of your dreams. We can stick to the basics or work like a pro! If you have the patience, we can 

DiY Calendar

Check to see the next class, or schedule a time!

$10 B.Y.O.Tee!

Or bring something else! Just make sure your garment is made out of natural fibers like cotton, rayon, or hemp.

+$5 for extra or oversized items. 


Washing Tips

The dye needs time to bond with the fabric. You will take your DiYs home to rinse & wash.
  • For best color, let sit for 24 hours, 12 hour minimum

  • Start with COLD water, still tied rinse thoroughly 

  • Untie under running water. Use WARM water to loosen sinew string. Be very careful if you use scissors! 

  • Wash in HOT with Blue Original Dawn Dish Soap (avoid regular laundry detergent for first wash) 

  • Multiple items can be washed together. Let them soak in HOT water until you're ready to wash. 

  • Get our $2 Soap Suds Trio for the ultimate Washout! 

    1. Blue Original Dawn (HOT)​ First wash, Heavy Large Load

    2. Dye Fixative (COLD) To help with bleeding, Quick Wash

    3. Industrial Fabric Softener (WARM) The dye is rough on fabric, this stuff will restore softness and then some!

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